copac.jpgThe Constitution Parliamentary Select Committee (COPAC) has failed to meet March 15 deadline set by GPA principals to submit a draft constitution for their scrutiny.

Just like what has been happening since the start of the programme, COPAC has once again failed to meet people’s expectations.

The three COPAC co-Chairpersons said the failure is beyond their control, citing that some members of the COPAC Management Committee, who were expected to consider some outstanding issues, are yet to reach an agreement as the other parties are away on official government business.

Cde Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana said outstanding issues such as the issue of dual citizenship, the death sentence and devolution of powers, among others, need to be discussed by the Management Committee.

“As COPAC, we had played our part and concluded the 18 chapters. However, there are parked issues that are still to be considered by the Management Committee of which some members are not in the country,” he said.

Another co-Chairperson, Mr Edward Mukosi noted that the issues have to be addressed, adding that the select committee had been able to complete its task.

“We are happy to report that we are done with the review of the draft constitution. However, some issues are still to be agreed by the Management Committee,” he said.

Asked if Zimbabweans can trust COPAC to deliver a people driven constitution, co-Chairperson, Mr Douglas Mwonzora called for patience, saying the body tasked with the duty is making efforts to ensure that the views of the people gathered during the outreach process are captured.

“We are asking for patience from the people of Zimbabwe as we are in the process of coming up with a people driven constitution,” he said.

Principals in the Global Political Agreement gave the COPAC Management Committee two weeks to submit a draft constitution.

COPAC has been forced to make a raft of changes to the draft constitution as reports indicated that 70% of the information in the document was not from the people, but a making of the drafters.

The draft was supposed to be tabled within three months of completion of the public consultation process to the second all stakeholders’ conference.

However, due to delays, the whole process is now in disarray and Zimbabwe might go for elections under the amended Lancaster House constitution.