copac banner 31-10-10.jpgCOPAC’s three drafters, whose contracts expired last month, are not likely to see an extension following revelations that they smuggled views that did not come from the people, while there are other allegations that they have a bias towards certain parties.

The three drafters, whose contracts expired on the 25th of January, might have their work cut short as it is highly unlikely that there would be an extension.


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Though the drafters’ work is still under review, views of the three political parties involved in the constitution making process are said to be divergent.

Zanu PF says it is not satisfied by the work that has been done by the drafters.

COPAC Co-Chairperson, Cde Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana described the three drafters as poisonous, alleging that they were including their own views while opposing the wishes of the people.

“We have lost confidence in the drafters as Zanu PF and we are lobbying that the management team refuses to grant them an extension. The drafters are obnoxious and are expressing neo-liberal views,” said Cde Mangwana.

Cde Mangwana said they have taken the matter to the COPAC management committee and in the event that they are not given another contract, new drafters will be hired to take over.

The drafters are also being accused of favouring the views of the other two political parties.

Some of the clauses that had been smuggled into the draft constitution and are said to have had a bias towards the two MDCs include the land issue, weakening the powers of the executive president, the issue of gays and lesbians, the  abolition of death penalty, dual citizenship, the bill of rights, and disregarding the works of war veterans and an attempt to create a federal state in Zimbabwe.

The drafters whose term expired are Moses Chinhengo and constitutional experts Priscilla Madzonga and Brian Crozier.