copac banner 31-10-10.jpgThe Constitution Parliamentary Select Committee (COPAC) says it is working within range and has managed to complete its data uploading ahead of Tuesday’s deadline.

The COPAC data uploading process which began on the 10th of this month began in earnest but was faced with some technical challenges during the premature stages as well as some hiccups which were caused by the withdrawal of rappotuers by MDC.

Fears were that the upload process was going to miss its 25th January deadline.

Addressing journalist during a media briefing, COPAC Spokesperson, Ms Jesse Madzome said COPAC has been able to upload the data into the giant server and through the support of government and donors the uploading process has been successfully completed.

“The uploading process which initially suffered technical setbacks has finally reached its completion stages and will meet its target. The funds have been available and we are hoping that with more resources, we will move on to the next stage,” Ms Madzome said.

Acknowledging that the funding for the uploading process was not a major problem, Ms Majome gave assurance that the donor community has not abandoned the constitution making process.

Meanwhile, the COPAC uploading center continues with its heavy police presence to guard the restricted areas from MDC rappotuers who were withdrawn by their party but are still milling around the area.

A total of 210 rapportuers and 70 technicians have been participating in the process and when the data uploading is concluded, thematic committees will sit to analyse the data that will be complied theme by theme.

After all these procedures, a referendum is expected to be carried out by September.