copac logo.jpgConstitutional and legal analysts say COPAC should not challenge expressed views by the of Zimbabwean people during the outreach stage of the constitution-making process by applying what is being called ‘international best practice principles’.


The comments come in the wake of developments where the Drafters are said to be calling for the use of some foreign standards and trends on a number on contentious issues such as dual citizenship , gay rights and presidential terms, under the guise of ‘international best practices’.

Veteran Harare legal expert, Tazvitya Jonathan Mapfumo, said nobody has the right to write a constitution for Zimbabwe except Zimbabweans themselves.

He explained that ‘international best practices’ is a euphemism used by western countries to impose their values on democracy and good governance on developing African countries yet the same westerners are the worst violators of these norms and values.

Mapfumo said Zimbabweans have clearly discredited international best practice on several issues such as homosexuality and dual citizenship many calling on the drafters of the new Zimbabwean constitution not to ignore the people’s voice.

He said dual citizenship is an appeasement to the Rhodesian lobby and should not be tolerated.

Constitutional law expert, Professor Lovemore Madhuku, said the Drafters of the constitution should not change the views of the people by applying international best practices well after the people have already expressed their views.

He also called on the Constitutional Select Committee to stop wasting the people’s time through endless delays in coming up with a new constitution, saying this is delaying the holding of fresh elections.

COPAC has come under pressure on several occasions for delaying the constitution-making process with onlookers saying they are just interested in lining up their pockets.