un durban conference.jpgThe two-week long climate change conference which was held in Durban culminated into what has been dubbed the Durban Platform of Enhanced Action.


Although world leaders struggled to reach a decision and had divergent views, they managed to find a common ground and extended the lifespan of the Kyoto protocol.


The African group of negotiators at the just ended COP17 Climate Change Conference vowed that the Kyoto Protocol will not be guillotined on African soil.


The Kyoto protocol is the only legally binding agreement which enforces countries to commit themselves to reducing carbon emissions.


True to their word, the United Nations Climate talks in Durban produced positive results and breathed life to the Kyoto protocol which was bound to expire next year.


Although it appeared to be a toll order, the survival of the Kyoto Protocol came as a breath of fresh air to negotiators who spent long and cumbersome hours fighting for the continued existence of the KP.


The heat was on during the second week of the conference as evidenced by the long meetings which ended up spilling into an extra day.


Zimbabwe National Co-ordinator for Climate Change, Mr. Washington Zhakata confirmed that indeed the progress was slow but he was optimistic that the talks were going to produce positive results.

The historic climate change talks in Durban were shaken off from the usual rhetoric of high sounding climate conferences which are known for money spending rather than producing results.


The capitalist gods who are also the biggest emitters tried so hard to stall the progress of the talks by using their usual selfish interests of protecting their economies rather than prioritising the lives of billions who are reeling from the effects of their carbon emissions.


The U.S which is not even part of the Kyoto protocol said it was not ready for a legally binding agreement while Canada, Japan, Australia and Russia clearly stated their position of not wanting to commit to a second Kyoto Protocol.


Zimbabwe head of delegation and Environment and Natural Resources Secretary, Ms Florence Nhekairo during her high-level segment speech said developed nations should take responsibility of their actions.


She clearly pointed out how developing nations are suffering from effects of climate change which they did not contribute to.

United Nations Secretary General, Mr Ban Ki Moon described Durban as a decisive moment for negotiators.


He also said Durban was the right place for countries to find a common goal and come up with an ambitious legally binding agreement to save the world, clearly outlining that he was in favour of the survival of the Kyoto.


After an intense extra day which spilled into the early hours of Sunday morning, the Durban Platform of Enhanced Action came to being and the Kyoto protocol was given another lifespan.


The carbon gods sheepishly returned to their suffocating nations with their tails neatly tucked between their legs.


While Africa is still basking in the glory of having successfully pushed for the extension of the Kyoto Protocol, it is sobering to note that not much has changed.


The global polluters might have given a nod to the Kyoto Protocol extension but it would be folly to assume they will stop gushing out thousands of tonnes of carbon.


For ordinary people, what matters is the survival of this planet. But how can the earth survive if it is getting hotter due to carbon emission? Is it not clear that those countries polluting the earth are guilty of genocide? If so, what will be done to the capitalist murderers who are neither sorry nor are they willing to change?