Forty households in Dzivarasekwa under the Nehanda Cooperatives have been left homeless after demolition of their houses by a local committee which they say used to administer them.

Issue of double allocation remains outstanding as residents allege that they have been paying their subscriptions and rates as should be to the cooperative.

Speaking to ZBC News in the capital this Tuesday, Nehanda Cooperative residents appealed for help from responsible authorities.

Asked for a comment, Nehanda Housing Cooperatives incoming committee vice chairperson Enesia Gutu said they are waiting for government’s intervention in the matter.

Despite allegations by the residents of illegally destroying resident’s shelter, Nehanda Housing Cooperative outgoing secretary general Andrew Marauka said they agreed as a committee that Nehanda residents should build permanent brick structures, thus the demolition of cabins.

Nehanda Housing Cooperatives in Dzivarasekwa Extension are still under development and more people are still to get their houses.