hands-in-cuffs.jpgAn unrepentant convicted armed robber, Daniel Mutema, has threatened court officials after being slapped with a 12-year jail term by Harare magistrate, Mr. William Bhila.

The drama started soon after the court adjourned following a sentence for Mutema and his two accomplices, Brian Juma and Tatenda Nyanhemwa, who were convicted of armed robbery.

Mutema confronted the public prosecutor, Mr. Zivanai Makwanya, and threatened him before insulting a court orderly and a police officer.

Mutema went on to undermine the authority of the President and further politicised his conviction and sentence.

The matter left court officials feeling insecure while people in the gallery were shell-shocked with the developments.

Police officers from the Law and Order division were called in and a new docket has been opened.

Mutema, Nyanhemwa and Juma were convicted for an armed robbery of a motor vehicle in Karoi where they seriously assaulted a complainant before dumping him.