fish vending.jpgControversy continues to surround the source of typhoid with the Zimbabwe Medical Association (ZIMA) insisting that fish from Lake Chivero are contaminated, thus refuting earlier findings by University of Zimbabwe researchers.

ZIMA has warned people to stop consuming fish from Lake Chivero as it is contaminated.

ZIMA Secretary General, Dr Douglas Gwatidzo said even without carrying out any laboratory tests, it is clear that the lake is contaminated and fish in the lake is feeding from the faecal matter.

He added that eating fish from that lake is a healthy risk.

“Even with a naked eye, one can actually see faecal matter flowing in the lake. This is what the fish is feeding from and what do you think are the effects of a human being consuming a fish that has been feeding from such refuse?” Dr Gwatidzo asked.

Last week, UZ researchers said tests to determine whether fish from Lake Chivero are contaminated with typhoid bacteria or not are still being carried out.

In an interview with ZBC News, UZ Researcher, Professor Mafongoya Paramu said scientifically, it does not make sense to believe that fish from the lake contain typhoid bacteria considering that fish feed on a number of materials and that faecal material is organic and can be cleared in the process of digestion.

“The bulk of the fish that have the typhoid bacteria are contaminated due to poor handling by vendors,” said Professor Paramu.

Harare City Health Department authorities said laboratory tests conducted by government analysts and the Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) did not conclude that fish from the lake is contaminated with the typhoid bacteria.

They attributed typhoid outbreak in the country to poor handling of food stuffs especially by vendors.

Observers are now calling for various stakeholders to come together and carry out appropriate research to correctly inform the nation.