There is concern over the availability of contraceptives in Mashonaland Central Province with indications that some health centres are running out of stock.

This emerged during the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC) Coordination Forum in Bindura which also revealed that there is an uncoordinated supply chain for contraceptives.

Health practitioners from both non-governmental organisations and government departments in the province said Guruve has already run out of depo provera, whereas other areas have shortages of condoms, jadelle and petogen.

ZNFPC Provincial Manager, Mr Nemisio Musa Shoniwa refused to press the panic button, highlighting that stringent measures have been adopted to curb illicit contraceptive dealings.

“When you sensitize people, you create demand, the challenge will be to make the contraceptives available. It is not a major issue of illegal selling of contraceptives, the culprits have since been arrested. The major issue is to know who is supplying these illegal markets,” he said.

Deliberations on the day however indicated that contraceptives such as condoms are yet to be delivered at the warehouses.

The shortage in condoms has coincided with the increase in sexually transmitted infections and the over 35% teenage pregnancy rate in the province, the highest in Zimbabwe.

Mashonaland Central Province has an unmet need of contraceptives at 8% which is the second least behind Mashonaland West at 6.7%.