Villagers in the Beacon area of Chipinge that was the epicentre of the December 22, 5.5 magnitude earthquake tremor are living in fear as they are experiencing aftershock tremors which have occurred for at least 12 times now.

The villagers in the affected area that is approximately 26 kilometers radius say the tremor aftershocks are now a source of worry with some now resorting to sleeping outside their houses.

“We fear that we might experience a repeat of last December’s earthquake tremor as aftershocks are continuously being felt. Our houses have developed cracks so we urge authorities to assess the extent of risk of living in the area,” said one villager.

Chipinge is a seismically active region as evidenced by the many moderate tremors that continue to occur in the area.

Seismologist Kwangwari Marimira says the aftershocks being experienced in Chipinge are expected to end after some months, adding that his department is still analysing them.

Earthquake experts say in cases of strong tremors, aftershocks can last for a month or two.