maize.jpgThe rains which the country has been experiencing over the pat few days might affect crops if adequate measures are not put in place and farmers have been warned to protect their yields.


Maize, groundnuts and tobacco are some of the crops that can easily be affected by continuous rains especially at this time of the season when they are about to be harvested.


Farmer and former ZFU President and Muzarabani Member of Parliament Cde Edward Raradza said although it is unusual to receive rains at this time of the year, rains are always welcome as other crops such as sweet potatoes and other late planted crops will do well while winter ploughing and land preparations can commence. He however said farmers should take precautionary measures to protect their crop.


Meteorological Department Head Focus Service Mr. Tich Zinyemba said compared to other years the rains currently being received are unusual considering that the season is coming to an end. He said people should brace for more rains over the weekend especially in Mashonaland province.

Meteorologists and Environmentalists all agreed that it has become clear that climate change is real and the country is experiencing visible signs and effects of global warming as seen by changes in seasons and rainfall patterns.