calvin dondo exhibition.jpgZimbabwe’s contemporary art of photography has been commended as an art form that is slowly catching up with the world trend.

Zimbabwean Contemporary artist Calvin Dondo’s work depicts social life from across the globe through the art of photography.


Most of his pictures photographed in various artistic styles tell a story about what happens in day to day life. In the exhibition, Dondo revisits the life of adopted children in Germany and what goes on within family set ups.


This is another art medium that has been explored by a number of photo journalists from across the globe.

Dondo, whose exhibition is currently running in Venice, Italy until the end of November seeks to explore Zimbabwe’s artistic talent and practices that are innovative, self-reflective and critical to society.


Curator of the exhibition, Raphael Chikukwa says Dondo’s pictures unlock the dialogue between African art and the international art scene.

After having been dominated by Zimbabwe’s stone sculpture movement for the past 50 years, emerging artists are tapping into new mediums such as photography and installation art.