Consumers are bemoaning limited supply of sugar and price increases of the commodity despite producers’ assurance of adequate stocks.

While the producers of the commodity last week assured the market of adequate stocks, it is the limited availability in most shops as well as the thriving black market for the commodity that have also emerged as causes for concern.

With price hikes beyond the recommended charges being the order of the day, all has not been well for the consumers.

“We want a return to sanity, the prices are just too high for us,” said one consumer in Harare.

The Zimbabwe sugar industry is therefore concerned about tendencies by some unscrupulous wholesalers, retailers and traders who are engaging in speculative activities that include hoarding the commodity and then selling it to the public at margins above the agreed prices.

“We are really concerned about what is really happening on the ground and we really need urgent explanations so we shall also be engaging all the related parties,” Zimbabwe Sugar Association Chairperson, Mr Muchandeyi Masunda said.

A report by the Zimbabwe Sugar Association shows that sugar production last season ended at 453 000 metric tonnes compared to 390 000 metric tonnes the previous year, with current estimates indicating  production for this year will increase to 460 000 metric tonnes.