consumer basket 03.09.10.jpgThe cost of living derived from the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe’s Low Income urban earner monthly basket for a family of 6 has significantly increased by US$8, from US$483 in September to US$491.


The cost of food rose by 0.06% from US$129 in September to US$136 in October.


Food and detergents combined, rose by 0.05%.


The increase is due to price increases of several commodities including margarine, which rose by US$0,10; tea leaves by US$0,11; mealie-meal by US$0,12; cooking oil by US$0,14; rice by US$0,30 and flour by US$0,19, among others.


In a report, the CCZ attributed the price hikes to the traditional behaviour of supermarkets to increase prices towards the festive season.


The CCZ observed a tendency by retailers to take advantage of the traditional 13th cheque.


Retailers have also been called to address the shortage of change.


Consumers who spoke to ZBC News bemoaned unfair price hikes by small amounts each time, a development which slowly erodes workers’ income.


The cost of transport, rent, water, electricity, health, education and clothing were unchanged although consumers are receiving high utility bills.