prices 14-11-11.pngThe cost of living as depicted by the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) monthly basket for a family of six has increased from US$540 in October to US$546 in November.

The rise in the consumer basket reflects a 0.01% increase in the month of November.

The cost of food rose from US$158 to US$163, while food and detergents increased from US$171 in October to US$177,43 in November.

The CCZ noted that certain products such as white sugar, tea leaves, margarine, salt, meat, washing bars and washing soap recorded price gains, while others where unchanged.

The price increases have been attributed to the recent hike in electricity rates and the impact of duty re-instatement on some basic food stuffs.

Transport, rent, electricity health, education, clothing and footwear costs were pegged at US$369.

As from September, the total food basket has risen by US$19, reflecting a 0.04% increase, which the consumer council says will significantly erode the earnings of already burdened consumers.

The CCZ urged retailers to revise price downwards when the rand weakens against the dollar.