tendai biti budget.jpgAs the 2011 budget consultations gather momentum, government has engaged the multi-donor community on their views towards the drafting of the fiscal statement.


Calls have already been made for the fiscal policy to give priority to the country’s agricultural sector and Finance Minister, Tendai Biti, says the government is set to introduce a commodity market early next year, with a view to ensure that agricultural produce has a ready market which is determined by market forces.

“In terms of improving the country’s marketing model, government will by the beginning of the year introduce the commodity market to ensure that farmers get value for their produce,” said Minister Biti.

Minister Biti hailed the good relations which exist between the government and the African Development Bank under the Zim-Fund Project.

Members of the donor community, representatives of the World Bank, African Development Bank, United Nations, who attended the consultations, commended the country’s operating environment adding that the forthcoming budget should consolidate the macro-economic achievements made so far.

With the government currently collecting US$140 million monthly, the 2011 national budget is anticipated to be between US$2.2  and US$2.5 billion.

 The business community has called for the extension of export incentives to restore industry’s competitiveness on the regional market.