Workers in the construction sector have called for a stake in tender negotiations in order to protect their interests amid an influx of foreign companies conducting projects.

While foreign investors have spurred construction activity in the country, workers in the sector have called for an increased stake in tender negotiations.

Zimbabwe Construction and Allied Trade Workers Union secretary general Mr Nicholas Mazarura told ZBC News on the sidelines of the union’s congress that construction workers are at the mercy of companies that often flout prescribed terms of service and working conditions that trade unions will have agreed with their national employment councils.

Workers also raised concerns about delays in getting wages owing to the harsh operating environment.

Meanwhile, the construction sector has bemoaned rising costs of building materials with contractor Mr Taurai Jimu saying price increases for materials like bricks are unjustified since raw materials are locally available. 

Brick manufacturers have since adopted a multi tier pricing system charging about US$100 per 1000 bricks or $190 bond for the same volume of bricks.