copac banner 31-10-10.jpgCOPAC says it is in the process of sieving the data they were compiling all along and selecting the correct information before the drafting of the new constitution can begin.

The constitution making process, which has taken too long to reach its completion stages, is now moving into the drafting stage which is said to be one of the most critical stages of the writing of the supreme law.

Zanu PF COPAC Co-Chairperson, Cde Paul Mangwana said they are in the process of sieving all the information that was gathered and ensuring that they give the drafters the correct information which reflects the views of the people.

Justice Moses Chinhengo, Advocate Brian Crossier and Mrs Priscilla Madzonga are the legal experts who have been tasked with the actual drafting of the constitution while 17 other rapportuers have been identified by political parties in the inclusive government.