copac road show.jpgOrdinary Zimbabweans say the current constitution making exercise, which has gobbled millions of dollars, is not a priority in a country where the majority of people are concerned with bread and butter issues.

A snap survey conducted by ZBC News has shown that the average person on the streets of Harare has little knowledge on the ongoing constitution making exercise and are questioning how the issue is treated as national priority when many are battling with trying to eke out a living.

“I don’t even know how this constitution is going to benefit me, what I want at the moment is survival and I think government should prioritise hunger alleviation and improving our welfare,” said one Harare resident.

“These people involved in the process are busy living lavish lives while we are suffering and waiting for the supreme law of the land. All the monies the process has consumed should have been used for other developmental initiatives,” said another.

The constitution making exercise has gobbled over US$38 million and observers have questioned the prudence of splashing so much when the majority of Zimbabweans are living way below the poverty datum line.