Irregular emptying of the bowels known in medical terms as constipation is a growing health issue in the country and a lot of people have been suffering in silence unaware how to manage this condition, which in some instances can even lead to life threatening implications.

Constipation refers to tough or painful bowel movement that happen less often than what is deemed normal.

It is a result of various factors such as lack of exercise, lack of roughage in the diet, eating disorders and stress, amongst others.

The ZBC News went to the streets of Bulawayo to establish the public`s understanding of the ailment.

The snap survey revealed that there is inadequate knowledge on what constipation is and the life threatening effects if left unattended.

Youths view constipation as dehydration or lack of water in the body, an indication that they are not well versed with the condition.

The ZNC News also spoke to one, Vusumuzi Ncube who suffers from severe constipation.

“I have been advised by doctors to undergo a surgical operation and I need over US$8 000 for the corrective procedure,” he said.

Doctors who refused to speak on camera said constipation can lead to serious health problems such as bowel and intestinal blockage which could result in surgical operations.

Others said constipation is a result of dietary and environmental factors amongst other causes, advising the public to adhere to a proper diet, exercise and to also take lots of water.

Research shows that prolonged constipation may be a symptom of many other diseases including cancer of the colon.