Romans 8:1 reads; “Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ”.

36 years in prison has turned a Harare man from a criminal to a preacher.

From a distance one might mistake Christian Kabasa for a pastor or an evangelist, and yet he is only a confessing ex- convict, a former Chikurubi Maximum prisoner who was behind bars for 36 years with varying crimes chief among them carjacking, armed robbery and stock theft.

The 3 plus decades Kabasa spent in prison were more than enough for him to repent, like the Biblical story of the prodigal son.

Now Kabasa spends most of his time alerting the would be victims now not to fall prey to the tactics of thieves

He said it loud and clear to all those who bothered to listen to him that him and crime are now like oil and water they will never mix.

Kabasa has since taken the awareness campaign a step further by producing DVDs with alerting messages and to many people this is a big welcome

Recently in Midlands ZBC ran a story of a person who conceived a frog and in Manicaland we also had a story of raining stones now it is the confession of an ex-convict.

Are these signs of end times?, only God knows.