professor jonathan moyo 16-04-11.jpgPolitical analysts say the forthcoming Zanu PF Annual National People’s Conference set for Bulawayo should lay a strong foundation that paves way for the holding of general elections next year.

This comes when there is a growing feeling amongst people that the Zanu PF conference is coming at an opportune time for the revolutionary party to clearly focus on the state of the inclusive government which observers feel has become dysfunctional and operating on stolen time.

Political analyst, Retired Brigadier General Felix Muchemwa said Zanu PF’s think tanks should use the conference to seriously advocate for elections next year so as to bring to an end what has turned out to be a chaotic marriage in the name of inclusive government.

“At the conference, we have to strategise and come up with a plan as to how we can have a divorce, a political divorce which is actually an election,” he said.

Political scientist, Professor Jonathan Moyo noted that it is high time Zanu PF should use the conference to part ways with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, whom he said is more preoccupied with gay and immoral behaviour rather than serving national interests.

“The message they must get from Bulawayo is very clear. We must hold elections next year with or without a new constitution. We have a constitution right now upon which the government is based and this constitution allows us to hold elections,” said Professor Moyo.

The analysts hinted that the conference’s theme of ‘Defending our Sovereignty, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment,’ cannot be implemented in a set up which includes the MDC formations, whose ideologies directly oppose those of the revolutionary party.