Chitungwiza residents have expressed concern over the massive land degradation which is taking place at Chitungwiza dumpsite with indications that these sites might end up being death traps.

A visit to the dumpsite by the ZBC News revealed massive land degradation taking place.

According to the residents, the gravel being taken is used for the upgrading of roads by the Chitungwiza Town Council authorities.

The residents have, however, pointed out that the pits have now become death traps among other dangers.

The Environmental Management Agency spokesperson Mr Steady Kangata says the extraction of sand and clay is one of the major drivers of land degradation in Zimbabwe’s urban, semi urban, rural service centres as well as growth points.

He also warned the town council officials to monitor these pits and reminded them of the pending danger.

Chitungwiza Town Council Environmental Health and Solid Waste Manager Mr Herbert Chiroodza, however, said the pits will in the end be filled up.

In Zimbabwe, most of miners of sand and clay do so from undesignated points and do not rehabilitate the land afterwards.

The abandoned sites are characterised by huge open pits which are dangerous to human beings and animals.