prices 14-11-11.pngThe Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) has raised concern over the upward change in prices recorded in the consumer basket over the past year.

Between January and December 2011, prices of basic commodities in the monthly basket for an average family of six in the low income group, went up from US$509,17 to US$545,35.

The highest price increases were recorded between August and October following duty re-instatement on some commodities as well as electricity tariff hikes.

In an interview with ZBC News, CCZ Executive Director, Ms Rosemary Siyachitema said the US$36 annual price increase is quite significant considering that workers’ incomes have been depressed all year due to low salary increments.                

Ms Siyachitema highlighted that the consumer council is hoping for price stability in 2012 and an increase in industrial productivity as well as improved service delivery by water and electricity providers who performed poorly last year.

Meanwhile, the CCZ’s average monthly basket for a family of six recorded a decline between November and December, going down from US$546,34 to US$535.