Motorists and residents of Kambuzuma residents have raised concern over an increase in criminal attacks on the badly damaged road linking Kambuzuma and Highfield.

Robbers have taken advantage of the poor state of the road in Harare’s Aspindale area to attack motorists who slow down at night to navigate past potholes.

The road, which passes by the Aspindale Grain Marketing Board depot, links Kambuzuma  suburb to Highfield.

Zanu PF Tongogara District​ Youth Chairman, Cde Taurai Jimu said the number of attacks on Kambuzuma residents on that stretch of road is on the rise with two recorded​ in the past week.

Motorists called on responsible authorities to urgently rehabilitate the road and put measures to reduce muggings and robberies.

Several local roads are in need of extensive repairs as they have deteriorated, owing to lack of rehabilitation, with excessive rainfall recorded in the last rainy season worsening the situation.