As the country’s industrial and economic revival gains pace under the new political dispensation, companies are heeding the government’s call to retool and automate their operations in order to improve production efficiencies and grow the economy.

In his speech during the official launch of the state of the art steel cutting machine by a local engineering company in Msasa today, Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development Minister, Dr Mike Bimha challenged local companies to work towards retooling the manufacturing sector so that it fully recover and can grow the economy.

The managing director of Sawpower, Mr Ralph Stead said the steel cutting machine which uses the latest laser technology will immensely improve production efficiencies, reduce the costs of production and buttress on value addition.

The multimillion dollar machine was imported from Europe and will cut custom designed steel components for the mining, construction, agriculture and manufacturing industry.

Instead of importing these components, the country will save the scarce foreign currency as these components will be made locally.