A community-based group dubbed ‘Team Up To Clean Up Mbare’ has joined hands with the youths from the area to transform a dumpsite into an eco-friendly park.

Waste management is a big challenge facing Harare.

The volume of waste being generated continues to increase at a fast rate than the ability of the city authorities to improve on the financial and technical resources needed to parallel this growth.

Driven by the desire not to rely on the city fathers to do everything, residents in Mbare and surroundings and youths from the area have take it upon themselves to turn an otherwise eyesore sight into a park.

“Inefficient collection practices with variable levels of service, poor and unhygienic operating practices including no environmental control systems, open burning of garbage, indiscriminate illegal dumping and littering, and a public with seemingly little sensitivity to the garbage around them or any awareness of what represents responsible waste management, is quite a challenge.

“Harare’s waste management system needs serious rehabilitation, first on an emergency basis, followed by development and implementation of long-term sustainable measures,” said one of the organisers of the initiative.

When ZBC News team visited the new park which is beginning to take shape, it was business at its highest level with even kids adding their support and for Joseph Bunga who was leading the team, this is the best way to go for Zimbabwe.

“Although waste removal is one of the most pressing problems in Harare, it is not a new problem. It was established that the seed of the apparent chaos in the lies in governance,” Bunga said.

Surrounded by residential areas, this dumpsite in Mbare posed threats of outbreaks of various diseases.