The quest to provide education against all odds has seen a community on the boundaries of Mberengwa and Masvingo going to great lengths. 

It all began with the establishment of a satellite school which has become an oasis of hope in a literally dry land.

No one had ever imagined a school where pupils frequently go out of class to embark on a 4km journey just to drink water and then come back to continue lessons.  

This is the story of Machingwe, a secondary school established in 2014 to cater for children in Mberengwa South, North, West and Masvingo. 

The community, however has not been deterred as it dreams that one day, it will complete the school so that their children may get the much desired education.

 The road to the three blocks currently standing is testimony that it has not been an easy road, according to the School Development Committee (SDC) Chairperson, Mr Tapiwa Nkomo.

It is the pride of what has been achieved which keeps this community optimistic that one day Machingwe Secondary School will be complete. 

Never mind the fact that the teachers at the school even have to live in borrowed accommodation from a nearby primary school which is 2.5 kilometres away, or that facilities such as well maintained sports grounds for learners or running water are still a pipedream, some ground has been covered just by mere determination. 

To the community, the school is an oasis of hope built upon a conviction that the end of a matter is more important than its beginning.

For now, even the fact that there is one teacher for more than 80 students cannot extinguish the dreams of completing this project. 

One may conclude that it is a labour of love to see goodness come to completion.