Communities living in areas with wildlife may soon realise actual value from their resource following a commitment by government to guarantee community partnerships in conservation action plans.

When night falls communities living in wildlife areas become very much alert to any movement from deep thickets around their homes.

Many times residents in BH 114 village under Chief Mvuthu in Victoria Falls have lost their livestock to dangerous predators such as hyenas and lions.

ZBC News tracked families whose livelihoods have been affected by conflicts with wildlife, exposing silent voices yearning for attention.

Their stories point to one of the most fundamental problems that has affected wildlife management in Zimbabwe, exposed through gaps in community level participation on conservation action plans.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa notes that there should be enhanced focus on community level action in wildlife management underlining the vital role that communities play in expanding conservation issues that are important in sustainable wildlife management.

This positive tone by Zimbabwe set the agenda for conservation leaders at the just concluded African Wildlife Economy Summit in Vic Falls which strengthened the idea of including wildlife in the broader national agenda under the African Union Vision 2063 that calls for shared values and common destiny for wildlife management.