zim new farmer.jpgStakeholders in the agricultural sector have been urged to fund communal farmers to improve productivity and ensure national food security.


The Executive Director of the Zimbabwe Farmers’ Union, ZFU, Mr Paul Zakariya said it is critical for the Ministry of Finance and insurance brokers to establish an arm like the Agricultural Financing Cooperation which used to finance communal farmers to guarantee production and food security.

Mr. Zakariya said 80% of communal farmers produce used to go to the grain marketing but now most communal lands are lying idle due to lack of funding.

Mr. Zakariya appealed to banks to accept insured livestock as collateral to enable farmers to access funds as well as plan accordingly on the types of crops to grow and the hectare to plant.

He urged insurance companies to reduce premiums for livestock since they are priced beyond the reach of many farmers who may want to insure their livestock for collateral use at banks.