Work on the government programme to ensure every district in the country gets at least 200 hectares under irrigation is now underway with communities in Masvingo among those anticipating to benefit from this initiative.

Agriculture remains the mainstay for most rural communities with families heavily reliant on earning a living from tilling the land or cattle rearing.

Areas which experience low rainfall and periodic droughts like Masvingo, however, get affected in their farming activities.

The government’s programme to ensure that every districts puts at least 200 hectares under irrigation will go a long way in ensuring good yields for the rural folk.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Lands and Rural Resettlement, Davis Marapira who was speaking on the sidelines of the Presidential Inputs Scheme launch in Zaka said work has already started to prepare for the setting up of the irrigation facilities.

Meanwhile, communal farmers received inputs.

Minister Marapira said government aims to ensure that more than one million farmers in the country benefit from the scheme.

The early distribution of the inputs is expected to ensure the communal farmers have adequate time to prepare for the summer cropping season.