The construction of a commercial airport in Mutare is set to start soon after a number of development partners both local and foreign have shown interest in investing in the project.

From its current small settings to become a large commercial airport whose central role would be to link cargo from this rich mineral and agricultural province, the Grand Reef Aerodrome in Manicaland is set for huge expansion drive.

Funding for the construction is available as local and foreign investors have shown interest, according to Manicaland Minister of State, Dr Ellen Gwaradzimba, who today made her maiden visit at Grand Reef Aerodrome.

“People might have fears of funding gaps towards the construction of the airport but I would like to say financiers are there, funding is there. There are so many takers who have approached my office, even locals have visited my office regards to this project,” she said.

Spearheading the project, Mutare Airport Committee Chairman, Mr Joseph Sanhanga said no bureaucracy will stall the take off for the project as his committee is determined.

“We have done most of the work. We know which people are going to be evicted. The District Administrator (DA) for Mutasa has been there being assigned by the Provincial Administrator (PA). The PA has been so wonderful, and if there is a man who wants development for Manicaland it is him,” he said.

The government has since authorised the rehabilitation and expansion of the area to be used commercially and contribute to the national fiscus.