general mujuru.jpgDescribed by many as a great man, a great commander, a man of flawless liberation war credentials, the role that Cde Solomon Mujuru played both in pre and post independent Zimbabwe will never be forgotten.

A commander who led the freedom fighters from the front, Cde Nhongo made a name for himself as a fearless soldier who put his life on the line to take up the dreaded responsibilities on Zimbabwe’s road to attain sovereign rule.

He was the epitome of the armed struggle that freed the black majority with songs such as ‘Mkoma Nhongo berekai sabhu tiende.’ aligned with his name.


It was one of those popular Chimurenga songs that were written and sung during the liberation struggle to motivate the guerilla fighters and the masses to soldier on.

Even after achieving so much he remained a down to earth leader, a man of the people, and yet an unquestionable General. He has been described as a man of few words but of a revered, respectable and highly regarded nature.

A family figure, married to one of Africa’s few women leaders, General Rex was a committed husband who was there to encourage, strengthen and support his wife.

A comrade in arms, President Mugabe described General Mujuru as a courageous fighter who molded thousands of young men and women who had crossed borders into Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania into a formidable force capable of dismantling the racist settler colonial regime.

Apart from being a great commander of armies and a grand tactician, close friends and relatives have described Retired General Solomon Mujuru as a sociable man who did not discriminate against anyone, who loved his children and grand children, approachable to any villager and a great man who would mingle with the old and the young.

The nation mourns, a great man is gone, but his legacy lives on. A legacy of a man who had selflessly dedicated his life to the liberation of this country, a man whose desire was to see the black people economically emancipated enjoying the fruits of independence.