Command Wheat has roared into life with some farmers already planting the cereal crop across the country in line with recommended dates that wheat should be planted starting the first of May.

A survey conducted by ZBC News shows that farmers in Mashonaland Central, East and West have finished land preparations and are busy planting the wheat crop under Command Wheat.

The farmers hailed the government for availing inputs for wheat on time.

Some of the farmers planted earlier and the wheat has started to germinate.

Some farmers are busy removing their maize which they grew under Command Agriculture so that they will plant wheat.

The bulk of farmers who had quit growing wheat are expected to bounce back following the launch of command wheat farming which is targeting to produce about 200 000 tonnes this year.

Wheat production has over the years nose-dived to unprecedented levels of about 55 000 tonnes.

The country requires about 350 – 400 000 tonnes per year.