A Nyanga farmer has described the government’s command agriculture programme as one of the best agricultural support programmes after boosting productivity and empowering farming communities.

A proud beneficiary of the land reform and command agriculture programme, Beauty Dzingai narrates how command agriculture has seen her becoming one of the fastest growing farmers in her area and also creating employment.

“There was lack of development at the farm when we started operations, thanks to the government-initiated command agriculture programme that has greatly boosted productivity at the farm. We are looking forward to becoming more self-sustainable through command agriculture. It is three years now steadily increasing hectarage due to government support,” said Dzingai.

Beauty’s husband, Colonel John Dzingai also attests to the fact that command agriculture has resulted in massive increase of productivity at his farm..

“The command agriculture programme continues to spur agricultural productivity and I am a proud beneficiary of the government support programme. The scheme only attracts a four percent interest hence farmers should take advantage of favourable conditions to increase productivity. This is not the time to blame government but it is the time to work and become active players in the economic turnaround process. I have been able to increase productivity due to government support,” added Colonel Dzingai.

Villagers from surrounding communities say apart from ensuring that there is food security and increased productivity, the farm has also become a source of employment.

With the rainy season approaching, farmers are already looking forward to the availing of inputs through various government support schemes such as command agriculture.