Johanne Marange Church’s Stillmeer farm and Cde Joseph Chinotimba’s Chihosa farm in Chipinge are test meters of the success of the command agriculture programme in Chipinge with the farms targeting to increase productivity in the upcoming season.

Away from the field of politics, Cde Chinotimba has developed himself into a successful farmer producing over 500 tonnes of maize, 30 tonnes of beans and 90 tonnes of macadamia nuts last season.

Cde Chinotimba said he is happy to achieve such a fit barely three years after he started farming activities at Chihosa farm in Chipinge and described command agriculture that helped him to increase productivity as the nerve centre of the success of the country’s land reform programme.

He said no greater politician goes against the land reform programme as the war of liberation was wagged primarily to reclaim land adding he is already preparing for the next farming season with the same passion he has for his duties as a politician.

Stillmeer farm belonging to Johanne Marange Apostolic Church produced more than 1 200 tonnes of maize last season being the leading producer in the district.

Farm manager Oscar Taguta said the church is committed to produce for the country and hopes to produce more under the command agriculture initiative.

With Zimbabweans singing from the same hymn book on the issue of command agriculture, the country can regain its position as the bread basket of Africa while low productivity in the farms is tantamount to sabotaging the agrarian reform programme.