Command Agriculture successes have charmed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) team which has pinned the country’s economic recovery on the programme and mining.

The IMF team has been in the country for two weeks to engage government, the private sector and the civil society covering economic developments, the outlook and risks as well as policies that can bring economic stability.

In a statement after the conclusion of discussions with various stakeholders, IMF believes the growth of the country’s economy will be pushed by recovery in agriculture and mining.

Command Agriculture is expected to see in excess of two million tonnes of maize being delivered this season which will put the nation at a vantage point regarding food security.

IMF said maintaining the growth momentum will require action to expedite the government’s plans to reduce the deficit to a sustainable level, adding that economic pressures stem from high employment costs and expenditure.

The team recommends taking action to unleash the potential of the private sector and ensure that growth benefits the most vulnerable segments of the population.

IMF said government interventions to support agriculture could be redesigned with the aim of maximising the benefits on production while minimising the risks to the public-sector balance sheet.

The government has also made strides in preparation for the forthcoming agricultural season as the private sector has already secured most of the inputs, with the rehabilitation of irrigation infrastructure already in progress.