Zanu PF party officials met with Head of COMESA election observer team at the party headquarters in Harare this Tuesday to appraise them on the harmonised elections set for Monday next week.

The seven member COMESA election observer team led by Ambassador Ashraf Gamal Rashed was apprised of the party stake and state of preparedness for the next week’s harmonised elections.

Zanu PF Secretary for Legal Affairs and a member of the multi-party liaison committee during the harmonised elections Paul Mangwana said the meeting was productive and reflected on the obtaining situation on the ground pending the vote.

Mr Mangwana added that Ambassador Rashed was very impressed by the prevailing peace in the country stark differences from previously held elections.

The observer team comprises of representatives from several COMESA member states and is supported by members of staff from the Secretariat.

As part of its mission the team will conduct pre-election consultations and observations with all political parties, ZEC, security agencies, civic society bodies and other electoral stakeholders.