vp j nkomo.jpgVice President, John Landa Nkomo has commended the Centre for Development Studies College for adopting a curriculum that embraces special needs for industry and government departments in line with the vision of the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education.

Cde Nkomo was officiating at the graduation ceremony of 691 graduands drawn from the faculities of Development Studies, Emergency and Disaster Management as well as HIV and AIDS Management among others.

He noted that the institution will contribute to the economic development of the country’s rural and urban communities.

He also advised the centre to continue playing a complimentary role to government efforts of availing higher and tertiary education to all Zimbabweans.

The Centre for Development Studies College was founded last year with an inaugural graduation of 185 students who excelled in a number of courses.

The institution that is working towards transforming to a university, is in the process of affiliating itself to the National University of Science and Technology and Lupane State University for the up-grading of its courses and expansion of its curriculum.