tangawarima_felix.jpgFIFA referees instructor responsible for South and East Africa region, Felix Tangawarima says there’s need for a collective approach in capacitating local referees, giving more support to female referees.

While responding to questions on why the number of Zimbabwean referees on the FIFA panel continues to decline, Tangawarima noted several factors that are contributing, but went further to challenge stakeholders to assume a collective approach where along with junior players, junior referees are also groomed.

“The number of referees to be appointed on the FIFA panel are determined by several factors, chief among them the performance of your national team and the level of the local game. Now we have 3 refs and 6 assistants instead of the previous 7,” said Tangawarima.

On why the involvement and competency of female referees is always under attack, Tangawarima said there’s little support for female referees leading to them lacking adequate exposure, but also warned of the need for administrators, teams and the public to continuously abreast themselves with the rules of the game.

The former referee is set to conduct a High Level Referee’s Course running from the 4th to the 10th of July for local referees in the capital.