The opening of Mafumise Satellite Clinic in Makwaha area of Chipinge has brought relief to patients who used to travel more than 10km to seek medical assistance due to unavailability of adequate health facilities in the area.

For many years now villagers in Makwaha that borders with Mozambique had problems in accessing health facilities prompting the local legislator, the community and the Ministry of Health and Child Care to combine efforts and open a satellite clinic in the remote area.

Chairperson of Mafumise Clinic, Joseph Zvikava and village head, Mutape Samson Munyamani said the area had registered high deaths due to failure to access medication in time not only because of bad roads and terrain but also due to long distances to the nearest clinic.

Local legislator Raymore Machingura said acute shortages of clinics in most rural wards in his constituency has made it difficult for villagers to access health services in time, hence the current initiatives to increase the number of health facilities.

The opening of Mafumise Satellite Clinic has brought joy to the community as most people are now within a distance of five kilometre radius to the health facility.