climate change 1.jpgEnvironmentalists have raised concern at the lack of research into the climatic changes currently taking place in the country and have called for voluntary community participation in the protection of the environment.

After the realisation that the country has in the past few years been facing seasonal changes such as erratic rainfall, droughts and floods, environmentalists have bemoaned the lack of research into the climate change phenomenon so as to enable proper planning.

Speaking on the sidelines of Environment Africa’s annual general meeting held in Harare, the organisation’s programme Director, Mr. Innocent Hodzonge, said as the country continues to face climatic changes, there is need for more research into the phenomenon and the need for communities to take an active role in the mitigation and protection of the environment


Of concern is that in most rural communities, villagers are failing to voluntarily work to protect their environment but would like to be paid in cask or kind to do gully reclamation, road construction and even contours in their own fields prompting Environment Africa to embark on a programme to encourage the need for voluntary participation in environment protection.

Participants at the meeting held under the theme the “International Year of Forests “ urged all communities to embark on conservation farming which uses less fertiliser and alternative energy projects to protect woodlots and forests.


The AGM which was marked by an exhibition on waste management projects, saw dust stoves, bee-keeping and jatropha projects with a number of awards lined up among them Environment Action Schools Competition, Corporate Awards, Environment Awards and Best Individual Farmers Award.