climate-change-conference-in-durban.jpgThe climate change talks in Durban have reached a decisive moment as time is running out of negotiators who are trying to come up with a concrete and highly ambitious legally binding agreement to save the world from the effects of climate change.

The world’s focus remains on Durban as the climate change talks straddle into the climax stages.

The first week of negotiations, sessions and consultations are now over and the task is now left with the world leaders to come up with a solution to the global crisis.

Although the talks have shifted a gear up to the high level segment, the major issue at stake is the extension of the Kyoto Protocol as well as the implementation of the Cancun Agreement and tangible progress on short and long term financing of the green fund.

United Nations Secretary General, Mr Ban Ki-moon said the future of the planet is at stake and Durban is the right place for parties to be highly ambitious and come up with sustainable policies to save the world.

He urged parties to carefully consider extending the Kyoto Protocol while appealing to industrialised nations for sufficient capital injections towards adaptation and mitigation.

The UN Chief said politics and economic divergences should not hamper the progress and prevent Durban from achieving the much awaited breakthrough.

South African President, Cde Jacob Zuma said the climatic challenges that have bedevilled the world can only be solved practically and the decision needs to be made right at the climate change talks in Durban.

President Zuma said the world is in danger and nations should not shy away from making the right decisions. 

He said developing countries need to be prompt and assert their position on the issue of green fund.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretary General, Ms Christiana Figueres said issues that ministers should find solutions to during the remaining days are the operationalisation of the Cancun Agreement, future of mitigation and the framework as well as clarity on the extension of the Kyoto Protocol.

The Cancun Agreement has decisions around adaptation, mitigation, financial, technology and capacity building for developing countries.

The remaining days of the climate change talks are likely to be more taxing as ministers will work towards coming up with solutions to save the world.