climate-change.jpgA climate change initiative that incorporates faith based movements opened in Harare today seeking to raise awareness and share strategies on practical adaptation and mitigation measures that can be spread throughout the country.

The Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) has put in place an initiative which will see the church playing a major role in educating the public on climate change causes, impact on food security as well as mitigation strategies.

ZCC General Secretary, Dr Solomon Zwana noted that only scientific explanations have been given to the phenomenon, leaving out theological explanations.


Dr Zwana said there is need to train church leaders to be able to engage change issues in their own communities.

“Theologically, men have been given domain over the earth to conserve, protect and take good care of it,” said Dr Zwana.

Speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Management, Climate Change Expert, Mr. Leonard Unganai said there is need for Zimbabweans to be educated on the issue for them to understand the impact of climate change.

‘We should make people aware of why temperatures are rising and rainfall patterns are changing. Education is important,” said Mr Unganai.

Environmental management experts believe there is need to continue sharing strategies and providing education for sustainable development in the face of the visible climate change patterns.

Climate change has become evident with different countries experiencing a number of natural disasters such as this winter’s floods in South Africa and droughts in East Africa.


Zimbabwe has also experienced high temperatures with the Meteorological Services department’s figures showing that since 1900 to date temperatures have risen by about 2 degrees celcious.