The Trans African Caravan of Hope for Climate Change is expected to cross from Zambia into Zimbabwe through the Victoria Falls this Monday, where the African countries are expected to hold a climate walk at Victoria Falls before travelling to Bulawayo.

The campaign code-named ‘Trans African Caravan of Hope’, will tell the African story about climate change, while making known the demands of African people to its leaders and the rest of the world.

Climate Change and Sustainable Development Network Executive Director, Mr Johanis Chigwana, said the caravan was launched in Burundi on the 9th of November and has travelled through eight countries bringing together communities from diverse backgrounds in eastern and southern Africa to join and demand climate justice before the United Nations Convention on Climate Change set for Durban, South Africa.

After leaving Burundu on the 9th of November, the caravan passed through Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia.

From Zimbabwe it will travel to Botswana and South Africa, arriving in Durban, South Africa on the 27th of November, a day before the opening of the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

The Trans African Caravan of Hope is a huge mobilisation and awareness programme for African civic society to highlight the challenges posed by climate change.

It also aims to show African efforts to extricate herself from poverty.