met dept.jpgWeather experts have predicted an early summer cropping season and have called on farmers to brace for the shift in climatic patterns as the world continues to experience global climatic change.

National Early Warning Unit Specialist, Ms Tamburiro Pasipanodya said basing from projections made by the meteorological department, farmers should prepare to plant their produce earlier in a bid to move along the new season trend.

The experts however said the change of summer cropping farming season will not affect the rains projected to be around normal to above normal for this season.

Senior Meteorological Service Department specialist, Mr Jephias Mugumbate confirmed that most areas in the region one and two will receive above normal rainfall while some regions will receive normal rainfall.

The globe is experiencing a major climatic transformation due to global warming with various parts of the world experiencing floods, earthquakes and climatic changes induced droughts in such countries as Somalia and Kenya.