Our core values are Integrity, Transparency and Fairness.

Service Delivery

We commit ourselves to meet the following minimum standards in our service delivery:

  • Answer the telephone within three (3) rings.
  • Correspondence to be replied to within 14 days of receipt.
  • All objections will be determined and the decision communicated to the clients within 60 days from the date of receipt of the letter of objection.
  • All members of the public who call at our inland offices will be attended to within 15 minutes of arrival.
  • Upon meeting requirements for VAT or PAYE, clients will be registered within one working day of submission of correct and complete documents.
  • Clearing commercial consignments within three hours from the submission unless selected for physical examination. This is with correct and complete documentation.
  • Issue Income Tax assessments within four months from date the return is submitted.

ZIMRA’s obligations to you

  • We are accountable to the Nation of Zimbabwe.
  • We shall conduct our business within the confines of the law.
  • We do not tolerate corruption, favouritism and discrimination.
  • We are here to serve you and we are open to your suggestions, criticisms and advice.
  • We shall carry our duties professionally, diligently and courteously.
  • We promise to handle your information with strict confidence and to maintain your privacy.
  • We are committed to minimising your compliance costs.
  • It is your right to speak to the next senior member of staff or the head of station.


We are committed to providing proactive client education which includes:

  • Making relevant information available to clients, orally and in the print/electronic media.
  • Making available pamphlets, posters and relevant materials.
  • Access to a Client Care staff member at any station.

Client’s Obligations

In return, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority requires you to comply with all relevant laws, by providing accurate and complete information. More specifically:

  1. To submit statutory returns and make payments due within the required time.
  2. To be open and honest in providing any additional information that may be requested for.
  3. To be honest and co-operative in all business dealings with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority.
  4. To report and refrain from corrupt tendencies in all dealings with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority.

Remember, it is your right to see the next senior staff member on duty or the head of the station if you are not satisfied with the level of service delivery from any Authority’s staff member.