As the country approaches the rainy season, a call has been made for responsible authorities to come up with clear strategies that ensure Harare is clean and the drainage system is cleared to avoid clogging which causes pools of water in the streets.

Over the years during the rainy season, Harare’s central business district (CBD) and surrounding residential suburbs usually witness clogged and poor drains.

The local authority has been blamed for failing to clear storm drains in time to avert the problem. 

As the rainy season approaches, Harare residents have called upon the city council clear the drains on time.

Harare City Council Spokesperson, Mr Michael Chideme said plans are underway to start the clearing process around the city, adding that it is however also the public’s responsibility to use bins and designated rubbish dumpsites in order to minimise on rubbish that find its way into the drains.

This week, the city council began Operation Restore Order in the CBD, a move expected to bring sanity ahead of the rainy season.

Usually, poor and blocked drainage system ends up causing artificial floods and pools of water in the streets, resulting in traffic congestion and at sometimes road accidents.