land degradation.jpgContinued clay mining by both legal and illegal brick makers in Harare’s Mt Hampden area is causing serious land degradation which is already causing grave effects to the environment.

Clay mining in the Mt Hampden area is said to have begun about four decades ago and all the companies which benefited out of the clay soil mining left terrible scars on the earth which current brick manufacturers, be it legal or illegal, have inherited.

While the companies and individuals are making millions of dollars through clay mining, it is the environment that is at the receiving end as dangerous pits and ugly patches are abandoned and left to be attended to by Mother Nature.

For illegal brick makers, the issue of environmental degradation does not even matter. Of concern to them is making a living.

Beta Holdings is one of the companies operating in this area and it is surrounded by huge ugly pits which are not only an eyesore but dangerous to motorists passing by.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Godfrey Manhambara said they are aware of this anomaly and are working with the Environmental Management Agency in trying to rehabilitate the environment.

Observers feel that there is need for environmental laws to be enforced as well as other deterrent measures to be put in place if such irresponsible practices are to be stopped.