civil servants.jpgThe meeting between civil servants’ representatives and Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai failed to yield anything concrete serve for promises of more engagements in future.

The civil servants representative organisations met with the Prime Minister at his Strathaven home and had a two hour long closed door meeting trying to map a way forward on their salary dispute with government.

Despite expressing optimism at the process of engagement, some organisations however said Tsvangirai dwelt much on peripheral issues rather than bread and butter issues.

After the meeting, various representatives from the unions failed to disclose whether the Prime Minister had indicated the possibility of a salary increment and a time frame.

Last week the civil servants representative board, the Apex Council, handed over a petition to the Prime Minister to intervene in their salary impasse with government after a series of fruitless negotiations with the Minister of Public Service, Ms Lucia Matibenga.

Last year civil servants ended up approaching President Robert Mugabe after exhausting all the negotiating channels and were awarded an increment in July.